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Hello Readers.
I'm, Felicia Cha Hee Eun.
Currently turning to 15.
Love to sing and rock the world!.






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Losers , just die (: .
Friday, June 18, 2010 @ 4:59 AM

Nowdays , so many dogs are barking , i guess their finding their owners , oh how sad it is ?
Hahah , if i can , how wish i can send them to sleep , HAHAH , cruel ): .
But it's so fucking annoying and irritating !
People asked me whats the fucking wrong with me nowdays , giving cb attitude .
Oh , it's because of some unknown people , that's why im likedat for now being (: .
Soon i will be perfect fine and will be happy as last time , i guess so .
Laughs , you know what , you are such a fucker as you offended me .
Dont talk as if you know everything about me , bitch .
Dont you dare to say things about me with a wrong infor , im sure i will be able to fuckyoudown.
So dont try me babygirl ~
Im a kind hearted and nice girl , yeah , everyone knows it too aye .
Oh no , why im so thick skin , because im Felicia Cha Hee Eun :D .

F T W ( Y) .
Thursday, June 3, 2010 @ 10:33 PM

Speechless , i felt i'm just nothing to you .
Alright , i'm nothing to you but you'r something very important to me .
I cannot descirbe and tell how you are important to me .
I even throw my important pride and tells you how i feel , but you ignores me like piece of shit.
I just want to know what's stressing you , but you told me to stop stressing you .
Everyday , i will just online to see your fb , and your own website .
You know each day how many fucking time , i will go in and see ?
It's more den what you think , and i can't understand myself too , why im so uncool and look so pathetic , when i wanted to stop and not see , but i can't , when it's over 11pm , i will wait for your sms , as you always asked me if i'm asleep , but you did not text me .
When i woke up , i thought i will at least recieve your message , but no.
You know what , people messages me , i dont feel like replying and i just deleted .
Because it's not you and it's them .
Today when i saw your fb , i know you was refering to me , but PRIDE .
I already throw , but what the fuck more you want ?
I already done so much asking you and keep asking you but you gave me , no , dont know , nothing.
What's this , trying to makes me look like a fool ?
Nevermind , i don't mind what people thinks , yeahs , i like you , got wrong ? , i dont think so.
When i send you what i felt yesterday , what do you reply ?
You just reply GOODNIGHT , fucking tired uh , die also need sleep ah , cannot reply more words ah.
Why you need to be so cold and mean when i'm trying my best ?
Seriously , i think i dont think i have fault , i talk to guys ?
As if you did not ?
You did , and i told you im jealous , i dont like , but you tells me that i'm proud talking with guys?
No , i never ever thought i'm fucking proud when i talks to guys , i'm not proud and i stop once i saw what you wrote .
You know nothing , you really don't know anything .
You also wont wants to know because im stressing you .
Fine , up to you .

사랑해요. 축복해요 .
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 @ 6:08 AM

Confession Of Friend .
Monday, May 24, 2010 @ 1:21 AM

Laugh my ass off .
Fucking unreasonable , don't suit me is fucking excuses .
Just tell me that you want her back and i will let you go .
You know how much i hate you to talk with the girl ?
The limit was there , and i did not say anything and just shut my mouth as i know we will quarrel.
If quarrel , i wont be saying sorry to you , untill you say first , so i did not wants to have conflict between us .
Craps , you don't even know anything about me , and you just left .
Hahahah , i'm not sounds like the girl you know ?
Of course i can't be sounds like the girl you know when you told me THAT .
Fucks , you'r making me just laugh , HAHAHA .
Do you even know how much i care and love you ?
But i guess , it's useless and just wasted my time .
Time will heal , yes , of cos .
Be happy without me and dont think too much .
I let you go as i loved you and wants you to be happy .
I'm cool and strong aye , hahah , rubbish .
Study hard , get good results , be good to your ahma , dont quarrel with brother because of computer , and please dont be so anti soical .
Goodbye , love.

No mood go school .
Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 10:37 PM

Everything , mess up .
Relationship , Friendship , and everything , and i cant stand it .
I'm sick and tired with everything , everything you do , i hate it .
Actually , i just dislike her , no , hate her .
But who do you side ?
You side her instead of me , i know because you need to face her everyday .
So it's that big fuck at all ?
You thinks that she's fucking important in your life ?
You might now thinks that she is , but sooner or later , it will be different stories .

Friday, March 12, 2010 @ 6:24 AM

Currently lesbo telling me about very important news , hahah , so shocked and nothing to be proud about.
Ohhell , i'm speechless , if i'm the one , will you be there for me !?
Hhaha , lesbo asked me same question , if you were the one , i will be there for yous !
You'r mummy is so fucking funny , lovedieher !
And stop sms S , hahaha !
Went school , had drangon boating , tired , sun burn till jialut , o: !
But it was fucking fun , i never regret , yes !
After that , went took bus with nika as she's going vivo to work , and yes , i love all your songs!
Drop at vivo , and took bus home , sharmine waited me at my house bus stop , ps ps !
Prepare finished went to queensway to look for grace , she wanted buy contact lens , but in the end sharmine bought it alone , blue colour !
Went to vivo as N wanted meet , make him waited for very long , LOL .
Slack at skypark , and i fall down !
Lucky , no one see but them LOL .
Nevermind , i shout like no one's business , haha , crazygirl .
N left first and we went to tution at queenstown , did sth .
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , secret :D !
Tmr will be meeting my beloved husband :D !

I'm sick ): .
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 @ 6:24 PM

I'm K's ♥
Yes , finally i got it , hahah , thanks baby for letting me get first , lovedieyous !
Did not went school as i'm sick , yes , is real , i have been vomiting since sat , it's xinku .
I don't know what's wrong , but seriously i'm not pregnant , so don't anyhow think ^^ !
Hahah , rubbish , craps , jokes .
Yesterday , it was papaya's 15th birthday :D .
As i did not celebrate with yous but i wish you , hahaha !
She was really cute when i say i wanted the bag and she really gave me , hahah !
Of cos i took , LOL .
Laughs , went to see doctor , and back to find kaiying and sheryln .
Hhahahhaa , went queensway , had real fun over there , we'r laughing like crazy .
Yes , super duper crazy man , and till i vomit out !
And the most funny thing is , i vomit at the towel bowl and one girl went in and had her business.
I felt bad for her , maybe she's very super urgent aye !
The bomb hair was the main joke + sheryln father's joke , hahahah!
I love themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

It's for you , tzx .
I let you go because i think i don't suits yous .
As always i'm the one who shows you attitude and scold you when you did nothing .
I just feel that you can find a better girl than me , seriously , i'm not joking .
Thanks for being so nice to me and care for me , i really appreciate it .
Take care of yourself and be yourself , no matter what , i will still be your listener .